it can be a lot to take in as a newbie…

Welcome to the CNS marching band family

Marching band season is short, but intense.

Practices are Tuesday & Thursday nights from 5:50-9:00pm during Sept-Oct.  Summer practices begin the 1st week of July with 2 weeks of band camp, held Tuesday-thursday 12-9pm.

We perform at friday night home games, and perform locally at shows every Saturdays during Sept-October.

There is a fee for Marching band ($150 Equipment Fee in 2022)  This covers costs needed to run the show (music permissions, props, insurance, uniforms, equipment, etc) This fee is Non-refundable as it is paid to a non profit and we are legally not allowed to give refunds.

Other costs (if needed) include Shoes (approx $35), Guard flag bag (Approx $30), Guard Gloves (approx $10) May be other things as required (socks, certain undergarments,etc)

Mailbox – Pit Garage
– All paperwork and payments should be placed in the mailbox in an envelope marked with the student’s name and what it’s for

Checks are made out to “Northstars Band Parents”

How to use Charms

This is key to keeping up to date on calendar, volunteering, student finances, and printing all our forms & documents.

There is one account for your child, that you as a parent will access. parents & students will be using the same account login.

We will hope to add the option to make purchases, and payments via charms as we get used to using it.

Charms Set up

2022-2023 Band Parent Board

President – Karen Calkins – 8th year

– Courtney, Guard – Class of 2023

Vice President – Patience Frysinger – 3rd year
– Corynn, Saxophone – Class of 2024

Treasurer – Stephanie Cooper – 3rd year
– Ryan, Mellophone – Class of 2024

Secretary – Jennifer Czarniewicz – 1st year
– Aaron, Saxophone – Class of 2023; Hannah, Guard – Class of 2025

Are we on Facebook??

We have a marching band private Facebook group to charm photos & videos from shows & games.  To join, search for “Field Band Photos

  • Required to be private due to copyrights on music
     Used to share pictures and videos only
  • All other posts could be deleted

What is Starburst?

Starburst is the Northstars Home Show.  This is also the main fundraiser for the year.  Funds generated from the home show support the bands General Fund

Saturday, September 17th, 2022 with 15 Bands + CNS will be performing

This is an all-hands-on deck event. We need everyone to participate.  We Need approximately 125 volunteers during the event. Lots of different areas and opportunities to volunteer


Marching Band Field Trip

US Bands National Championships, Met Life Stadium

Friday, 11/4 @ 6:00am – Sun 11/6 @ 12:45pm

The trip is Not Optional & payments made are Non-refundable

Not to exceed: $675

–  Can be paid in 2 installments, fundraising is encouraged!

–  Includes food, hotel, bus, admission fees, show fees. Excludes souvenirs, extra snacks or food, misc. spending money. Please DO NOT send your child with a ton of cash.

–  As well as attending the show, activities include Krispy Kreme stop, Madame Taussad’s, & Medievel Times

–  Parents are welcome to attend but must plan their own trips

This is a field trip and students will stay with the band & their assigned groups

Ms. Seamans determines chaperones for overnight trips. Please volunteer during the season to join the band!

More to come during the season

–  Bus & roommate (4) sign ups – August/September

–  Pre-Trip mandatory meeting – Oct 19th.

–  Required Forms: Medicine, permission slip

–  Suggested packing list

What is dome day??

Dome Days refer to the 2 day Celebration & Competition at the end of October.

Bands from all over New York State compete on Sunday at the dome, or the JMA Wireless Dome. This year the competition is held Sun Oct 30th, from 8:00am-10pm

Tickets for the show must be purchased online.

There are 9 bands in the national class, and they perform at the end of the day.  CNS is scheduled to perform at 8:11pm, with the retreat at 9:55pm

Our Dome Day Celebration is held the Day before, Saturday the 29th. There will be a practice, band only party & trunk or treat. Parents are invited to have a dry tailgate while students are practicing and getting ready for their celebration.

Trunk or treat is open to band parents & alumni. If you wish to participate, plan for candy for the 100 band members.  You are welcome to decorate your trunk as well.