All about Starburst

Starburst is the CNS Marching Bands annual home show typically in mid-September. This is not only one of our groups largest fundraisers but is also one of the biggest in the NYS circuit!  Without Starburst the equipment fee would easily be 3x what it is today.

We host typically host  15-16 bands and with family, friends, staff, band members, chaperones, etc. we expect approximately 3,000 people on site that day. It’s truly an all hands on deck event and without our band families volunteering we would not be successful. There are many ways to volunteer: concessions, tickets, parking, security, set up, preparations leading up to the day, band check in, hospitality, programs,  candy grams, buttons.. and so much more!!! Some volunteers sign up for a few hours and some are there all day. There are many options because there is so much to do!
We understand families want to see their child perform and volunteering could prevent that. However, please keep in mind that this is 1 show out of many and not only supports the program your child loves but keeps costs low. Starburst leads strive to ensure Senior parents are able to see the performance.
Sign up starts at the July parent meeting and continues until the end of August.  Come out and support the Northstars, keep your fees down, and have fun with the other families there! See you there!